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Look how busy we have been already....

Here are a list of prayers we need to know by the end of the first year of school.  Please help us pray...

Below are useful websites for children to help in their learning as well as top websites to check out to help children in their creative aspects of learning to understand the world!

Our topic for the Autumn Term is 'Into the Deep Dark Woods...' where we cover lots of traditional stories that involve character who live in the woods.  Below is the selection of stories we have done so far.  We are currently focusing on Jack and the Beanstalk. Please come back to see how many more we learn!

In early years, it's really important that we learn through play.  We learn by getting messy, acting things out and making everything around us part of our learning opportunities.  Check these pictures and see if you can spot what learning is happening here!

Here is information concerning the  Early Years Curriculum (and ways in which parents can be involved and provide support)

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Below are the first 45 High Frequency Words a child must know.  Your child must be able to read these words by sight as well as being able to spell them correctly.

Below is the weekly homework.  It will consist of reading, spelling, number and letter formation along with something creative.  They will have a book to record in but some of it will be verbal discussion as well.

Our Phonic Workshop

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